Australian Cessna 180/185 Club

May 27, 2012.

From the desk of those who would be in charge. This is only being sent to those who are financial. 42 via email, 15 by post, 5 by fax.

Hello all,

I don’t know about you, but I have been busy over the last few months. Mainly flying for aerial feral animal baiting campaigns, with a bit of low level water bird survey, in the Lake Eyre basin,  thrown in for good measure. Have flown around 250 hours this year so far, with around 400 landings. I am starting to get ok at it.

All the mods to my 185 are finished, at a cost of around $20000, $7500 of which were for engineering drawings. I finally have an aircraft which is equipped exactly the way I want, and also keeps me challenged.

Mods to date are, bait bin, 6.5 inch chute through floor, Bas fold up seats, codan 8525 100 channel HF, terra radalt (if anyone has a King KRA10 or Collins unit for sale, let me know), Picodas agnav2 DGPS, ADC remote oil filter, snap vents in the rear windows. All need now, is a decent tailwheel setup.

Nothing of any consequence in the US newsletter. Just more flyins and info about the main convention in Reno.

AOPA NPRM and other stuff

My (and a few others) gut feeling is that GA is in trouble and is loosing it’s voice. Are we to stand idly by and watch?? AOPA is our only lobby group. I challenge you to name another.

I know many of you are disenchanted with AOPA, however, it is only as good as you want it to be(like our club). Member Pike (VH-FFC C185 president AOPA) would like our club to join for $250. This will give you a discount for your personal membership fee. I know some of you are already taking advantage of this through other clubs.

I believe I will take an executive decision, and join the club up with Aopa. (unless there is violent opposition). For any Charter operators amongst us, I would urge you to look closely at NPRM part 121B regarding charter and RPT for Small Aircraft. I will not make any comment other than I believe it is the thin edge of the wedge. Read and make comment to the relevant 

Flight manuals.

I think we have the flight manual change over thing under control. There has been a bit of confusion over what needs to be done to comply with the new directives.


5A-6/180,180A,180B sn 30000-50661

You need to get hold of the FAA supplement to the TCDS of which I have a copy, as well as have all the required placards in place. You will also need to carry C of R and weight info. In short as the US does it, ARROW Airworthiness, Certificate, Registration Certificate, Radio Station License, Operating restrictions, and Weight and Balance information.


 3A-24/185, A,B,C,D,E,A185E,A185F(18502091-18502838).

Placards as required by the TCDS and other documents as suggested by the US ARROW system.

5A-6/180J(18052621 on) 3A24/A185F(18502839 on).

Use  Cessna POH with the ARROW system.

For all types!!!

Also included any documentaion associated with STC’s that will affect operation.

Do this, and all should be well. Let me know if you have complied but are in trouble with the regulator, because of a different interpretation of the guidelines!!! I would have to thank Brett Rand and Arnold Long from CASA for their help on these issues. Also member Rory Hatchett. It is amazing what can be done when you say that you represent 100 or so owners and just want the facts to disperse to the members.