The Australian Wing Newsletter 2013

Spring 2002.

Dear 180/185 drivers,
Welcome to another newsletter.  In this issue:

  • Gatton flyin
  • Fraser island.
  • Elephant north.
  • Flight manuals.
  • Engine control cables.
  • For sale wanted.

Gatton flyin.
The Lockyer Valley flying club hosted a C180/185 gathering at the end of August 2002. The following attended:  SIA (myself), SOH (Russ and Mary), SRW(Rory and Les) EHM (Bishop John), WGE (Eric and Max), DLM (John and Linda), ERV (Marcus).  We caught up with MQQ(Michael) and RFD (Bob Bellert) and Nick Challinor at Watts Bridge. There was a veritable feast of classics on display  at Watts bridge.

The scenery around Gatton, is hard to take, and makes for some really nice flying. It is nice to operate off grass strips with a whole lot of other tail draggers. Some sort of camaraderie, I suppose. We all had a rough and slow trip back to our respective homes on Sunday. I had 80/90 kts groundspeed heading west. Eric had some pretty rough conditions over the McPherson range on his way to drop the wingless Max off.