Winter 2016

Winter 2003.

Many apologies for the lateness of this newsletter. Here goes….

Eulalia 2003 fly-in.

The annual fly-in was held at Lloyd and Marj Parsons property in April. 26 180’s and 185’s attended. It was good to see a few new faces there. A short meeting was held and I was shoveled back into the presidents job.

Xavier Kennedy flew his turbine birddog in, and provided a demonstration of the machine’s capabilities. It is amazing what you can do with raw thrust and a light airframe and 60 degrees of flap.

Awards, this year, are as follows:

Mug pilot of the year:

Marcus Casalegno (for arriving in a VW Kombi and getting lost).

Jim Rawlinson Aircrew of the year award:

The Lappin family. ( 2 adults 2 great kids and a baby.)

We finally brought some rain to Eulalia with a couple of inches falling on Sunday night. Eulalia only had 5” for previous year, since the last fly-in.

Marj made a birthday cake to celebrate the 180’s 50th birthday. Lloyd had the oldest 180 at the fly-in.

All in all, a great time was had by everyone.


There has been a bit of 180/185 traffic through Charleville this year.

The Hartley and Kentish crew came through and got weathered in for a couple of nights. Richard and Sue Gordon came through on their way north to visit their son, who is working on a place north of the ISA. John and Pam Bishop came out to Blackall to have a look at my father’s WW2 military vehicle collection.

Stork news.

My wife, Lesley, and I are expecting a baby on the 25th December 2003. It will be the first child for us, and we are both a bit apprehensive about the whole thing.


Make sure your aircraft has it’s data plate attached. You will find it on the left lower door post. At least, that is where it should be. If yours is missing, there is a process for getting the aircraft legal again. At least 2 members have discovered this problem. Potentially, it can cost you an arm and a leg to put things right. Contact me for advice if you have this problem.

I will be upgrading my 185 from 260hp to 300hp at the end of the year. I am using the Kenmore Air Harbour STC.

I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

I will have an IO-470F for sale at that time. It should have around 150 hours to run. Make an offer.


The website is updated reasonably regularly. Your membership status can be viewed on the membership page at any time.

I have started putting some past tech info from the international 180/185 club newsletters on the site. These can be found at 

I will get more of these on there as time allows.

If anyone has trouble accessing the site, please let me know so I can help you out. (slow etc.)

Email spam.

Unsolicited email is becoming a real problem. I recommend that you get a spam trap such as Mailwasher

(free download 1mb from the web) or subscribe to Spamtrap or similar services. Mailwasher actually lets you delete and bounce spam email from your server before you download it to your email program. You can open mail in Mailwasher without fear of viruses getting loose in your system, however, you must leave your email program closed. Check it out.


We have sold about 60caps to date. I have more of the plain navy caps with gold logo and writing. $25 AUD including postage. If you have sent me money for caps and haven’t received them, let me know. I got a bit behind at one stage.

New members

Welcome to Lars Larson(TVD), Jace Harrison(EYA) and Michael Doherty(NZC) who are all new members. It is good to see a bit fresh blood coming on. We have 55 financial members at this time, out of 118 on our database. There are currently 135 180/185’s on the Australian register.

International 180/185 club.

We are now financial with the US club.

They are also setting up their website which can be found at

Ivan Blair is still our Australian director in the international club, and submitted an article about our fly-in, to their recent newsletter. He also attends conventions when he can. John and Jane Spalding visited from Alaska. They came out for the rotary conference in Brisbane. They visited the Walmsleys at Gatton.

The new Zealand club has also got a website up and running. 

Club finances

The club has about $2300 in the bank.

Do you think we should make a bit of a bursary (say $1000) available to some up and coming young pilot to assist in their checkout on a 180 or 185?? Let me know what you think. Please update your subs if you haven’t already done so.


Urgently looking for a king KRA-10 or a Collins ALT-50 Radar alt. 0746547166.

For sale

Complete set of wheels brakes springs a Scott tail wheel.

$8000 for the lot.

Henry Gorman
Chief Pilot
Sydney By Seaplanes  
p: 1300 656 787

That is about it for the moment. I will be away in South Australia during August, on kangaroo surveys. If anything is urgent, you can contact me on 0427543033.

All the best,



Lesley(first lady)MacDonald,

Australian Cessna 180/185 Club,